Magazines in Advanced Photoshop Issue 80.
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Color Management for Packaging - ZenzTherapy Packaging Design.
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Nomination for the Anders Bording Award for Visual Communication 2014, for design for UgebrevetA4 (Peytz & Co)

Nomination for 'Danish WordPress Release of the Year 2013' for DONjoy: (Peytz & Co)

'Dope Award' for

Link from 'Smashing Magazine's 50 Fresh Portfolio Websites for Your Inspiration' to

'Pixel Perfect Portfolios' links to

Rotterdam Web Awards - 'Usounds - Le Internacional'

Shift Cool Site Archive - 'Usounds - Le Internacional'

Reboot 2.0 Awards - Shortlist: Jury Grand Prix - 'Usounds - Le Internacional'

Reboot 3.0 Awards - Winner Best Mobile App: 'Nordisk Film Biobooking - WAP'

Mowsnet Awards - 'Greydient

Dope Awards - 'Greydient

Pixel Perfect Portfolios - 'Greydient

IMMA Awards - Winner: Best in show - 'Mercedes Benz'

May 1st Reboot - Top 100: 'Oktan Design'

Sessions College for Professional Design - Student Gallery: 'Packaging Design: Möet'