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From stress to wellbeing

Videncenter for Arbejdsmiljø (VFA) wanted to redesign frastresstiltrivsel.dk. I provided UX design and Art Direction for the site.

VFA wanted to 'beautify' its existing solution. However, the challenge was that the pages were built in an older three-column design: navigation on the far left, content in the middle and teaser content on the far right. This makes it difficult to support the whole responsive mindset, as you would traditionally place the teaser column at the bottom of the page, hiding important content from the user. At the same time, studies have shown that users don't see the right-hand column.

The solution was to reduce to two columns and add the elements from the right-hand column in relevant context to the content. This way, the content is placed as an integrated right-hand column wherever it is relevant. When the page is viewed on mobile devices, it also has the advantage that the right-hand column elements can be used to divide the page and make it more manageable.


The challenge with the right-hand column needed to be solved so the site worked optimally on all devices